Uniting For A World That Can Thrive

The Citizens Media® (CM) connects resources – communication, finance, solutions and ideas – in building new ways of working where humanity can thrive.

Latest Conversation: The Great Currency Debate


We Have The Power To Change Our World!

The systems that run our economy mean the more you have, the easier it is to get ahead, which makes reducing the wealth gap impossible to do.

We treat finance like a resource, when the reason it began was as a means to exchange. This creates imbalance in the way we value and manage the production of goods and services and – with our planet’s ecosystem at risk of collapse – it cannot be sustained.

Yet most of today’s economy came about by designing solutions for the wealthiest 1% of us – leaving 99% underserved – and we live in the most interconnected time in human history. Technological and cultural developments have created an opportunity for unprecedented impact.

The rise in recognition that change needs to happen is encouraging. People are talking, and solution building is well on its way, but they’re happening in different places and on different platforms. They need a means to unite, which is why we started CM.

How It Works

Launched through a series of Google Hangouts – and followed up through online forums, voting and blogs – The Citizens Media® begins with conversations between citizens and thought leaders, discussing and promoting projects with solutions for transforming our economy.

Conversations will be used to spur investments in a Global Cooperative, that brings finance the projects: projects that serve the 99%, develop affordable tools, and disruptive business models to make economic, social and environmental returns.

Activity – as well as products and services sold by Coop Projects – will be brought together through a Glocalised Hub, where you can support what we’re doing by purchasing message ads – called ‘Kudos’ – that distribute funds to participants in a virtual currency called Comcoins. Comcoins can be used to purchase alternative currencies in a Values-Based Exchange.