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The Citizens Media® (CM) is a communications to commerce crowdfunding platform that brings equal opportunity for people and planet wellbeing.

It enables Investors, Community Members, Project Leaders and Impact Entrepreneurs to work together designing and funding projects that lead to the production of tools and services that are open, accessible and scalable.


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Our current economy makes it so the more you have the easier it is to get ahead. This makes reducing the wealth gap impossible and means that most communities are left underserved.

Solutions for changing things up are well underway, but – with 80% of us living on less than $5,000 a year – innovators rarely communicate with the people who most need them.

By giving locals a means to be a voice in their communities – communicating challenges, needs and what they have to give – we can bridge the gap between innovation and action that brings sustainable, economic empowerment to all.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Citizens Media® (CM) invites you to fund or join conversations with people living in underserved communities, then develop and get financed for people and planet solutions, that create economic empowerment from within.

Frequently Asked Questions