The Citizens Media® (CM) is a communications crowdfunding platform for building economic opportunity from within.

Community. Authenticity. Equal Opportunity.


Most of the world's economies are run by politicians and corporations. They work so the more you have, the more you can be or do.

As a result, 1% of us make more than the other 99% combined, which is leading to environmental and social collapse. People are losing their homes; their needs not met; their skills undervalued and underused.

Yet politicians are just tools. How we use them is up to us. For real change to happen, the people must be given the means to build and lead economic activity themselves.



The Citizens Media® – CM – gives people in communities all over the world the tools they need to learn from, support and inspire each other in developing economic opportunity that works from the heart of what we each want to give.

It works through a mobile friendly platform that enables people in need, supporters and project leaders to act as one big community. Its use of Communication and Community Currency Exchange releases the collective power of the people in a way that makes solutions delivering the greatest value to people and planet, to trickle to the surface.

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